Prevention Resources & Links

Prevention Resources and Links


A 54 page full color guide for parents and adults working with youth on current drug trends. This guide includes information on the drugs of choice, how they are used, what they do, as well as how to determine if your child is drug active, and if so, what you can do about it.  Over thirty thousand copies have been distributed throughout the province. To download a free copy click here.


Thru Your Own Eyes

A self-assessment guide for drug active teens.  This book was written by Robb McGirr with the assistance of several drug experienced teens. It offers an opportunity to exam where you are with your drug use, from your own perspective. Read it and see where it takes you. It even has a short quiz in it for you to measure where you are at.  If you have already figured out that maybe your drug use has gone a little too far, then read the second half of the book.  It has a few ideas on how you might be able to make some changes that work better for you.  Either way “Thru Your Own Eyes” offers you a safe place to take a second look at things. To download a free copy click here.

Rewind… a film about choices

In 2003 Robb formed an idea about making an substance abuse educational film for schools. It was a film that needed to deal with the most common drugs of choice… not just one or two. It also needed to reflect the perspective and thoughts of teens. Robb found a group of teens with a wide variety of experiences in drugs and alcohol.  They offered their opinions and experiences… good and bad.  They took their own cameras a filmed their world of drug use first hand, then offered their experiences for others to learn from.   The result was the award winning film REWIND…a Film about Choices.

This twenty seven minute film can be presented in any secondary school classroom. It will be sure to generate interest and a meaningful discussion after viewing.  To obtain a copy of Rewind click here.

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