If you’re a teen and you’re checking out this page, then it shows you have an open mind. You should pat yourself on the back for that (thats probably something that hasn’t been happening for you alot lately).

If you’re a parent and you’re checking out this page, then you are snooping and want to see what kind of ideas we are “planting” in your teens head. Give yourself a pat on the back too!

You don’t think your drug use is a problem, but everyone else is making such a big deal about. Maybe it’s not. But I bet you have to lie alot to your parents, because they just don’t get it. They probably tell why you shouldn’t be blazing or drinking or whatever, and you figure most of the stuff they say just isn’t accurate. You know more than they do about it right?

OK, so here’s a few questions to run through… How much is too much? Is there a limit, and if so, how close are you to it? When you first started using, did you ever think back then that drugs would be as big a part of your life as they are now? How is your health? Do you have any problems sleeping? Is your energy level as high as it used to be? Do you forget stuff sometimes?

Do you know someone who has taken their use too far. What do you see in them that tells you that. If you stop and look at yourself, do you see any of those things in you?

It’s up to you to answer those questions, and decide for yourself if those answers mean anything important to you.

One thing you might want to do is to try the Quiz that’s further down this page. A few questions to ask yourself, and when you’re finished use the next page to score yourself. Understand though there is no pass or fail. Its for YOU to decide how you did. Read it and you will understand. See where it takes you.

Something else to consider…. If you’re OK but you have a friend you are concerned about, print this out and let them read it! See where it takes them.

Self Assessment Quiz

__More Arguments & Fights with Parents
__ More fights with brothers & sisters
__ Breaking family rules (curfews etc)
__ Not wanting to spend time with your family
__ Running away from Home (or wanting to)
__ Being kicked out of Home (or threatened to)
__ Not wanting your parents to meet your friends
__ Lying to your parents
__ Feeling guilt about hurting your family
__ Keeping more and more secrets from your family
__ Feeling different from your family
__ Exposing your family to negative people by using the home to use or deal drugs
__ Being Defensive or having an “angry” attitude
__ Feeling fear at being caught by family members
Total____ out of 14
__ Your old friends stop hanging with you
__ Most of your “new” friends use drugs or alcohol
__ Some of your friends are telling you to stop or slow down on your use of drugs or alcohol
__ Your girlfriend/boyfriend dumped you (or has threatened to) because of drugs or alcohol
__ Other teens make jokes or put you down about you being a “stoner” or “drunk”
__ Your starting to lie to your friends
__ Most of your time with friends is about doing or talking about drugs or alcohol
Total ____ out of 7
__ Spending most of your money on drugs or alcohol
__ Always feeling “broke”
__ Owing friends or dealers money
__ Worrying about paying off debts
__ Being targeted with violence or threats because of debts
__ Selling drugs
__ Exchanging sexual favors for drugs or money
__ Stealing from home or family
__ “Jacking” other youth for money, property
__ Being arrested
__ Being charged with a criminal offence
__ Rebelling against Authority
__ Feeling fear or paranoia about police or other authority figures
Total ___ out of 13
__ Not completing homework, studying, or assignments
__ Skipping class and using
__ Grades slipping
__ Failing classes
__ Getting suspended or expelled
__ Unable to concentrate / easily distracted
__ Having poor memory
__ Feeling “dumb”
__ Withdrawing from school activities (sports, clubs, etc.)
__ Having a poor attitude about school in general
__ Very little motivation (looking for a job)
__ Difficulty finding a job
__ Being Fired from a job
Total ___ out of 13
Your Physical Health
__ Low energy
__ Tired all the time
__ Sleeping in on school days
__ Sleeping during the day
__ Difficulty going to sleep at night without using
__ Increased coughing
__ Frequent colds, flu, or other illness
__ Shortness of breath when exercising or active
__ Headaches
__ Losing weight
__ High risk sexual activity (unsafe sex)
__ Regrets about sexual choices
__ Physical injuries resulting from accidents while using
Total ___ out of 13
Your Mental Health
__ On Edge when you’re not using
__ Feeling Anxious or Nervous
__ Feeling Depressed or Hopeless
__ Confused sometimes
__ Feelings of Guilt
__ Feelings of Shame (I’m no good…I’m a bad person)
__ Feeling bored with your life
__ Feeling Numb (feeling nothing at all)
__ Having cravings when you don’t use
__ Having an “I don’t care” attitude
__ Feeling like you want to just give up
__ Having suicidal thoughts
__ Attempting suicide
Total ___ out of 13

Quiz Results

Let’s take a look at what your scores mean to you.

You should know that there isn’t any pass or fail here. That’s for you decide. So take a look at your score….but, this time write down your answer underneath each question.

Drugs or Alcohol have negatively affected my life in ________ ways (your total score)

Was it higher than you thought it would be?

What areas seemed to have the highest number?

Were you surprised about some of the scores?

Have you been stressed lately about those areas of your life that had the higher scores?

Is your score too high for you?

If it’s not too high, how high would the score have to honestly be before you thought it was too high? (In other words, “how much higher does it have to go?)

Now, take a few minutes and look at the answers you gave. What do you think about them?

Is it time to consider making a few changes about your drug or alcohol use?

If your answer is “No, I think I’m ok”, then I want you do something…put this quiz sheet away someplace. Stash in a drawer or something. In a few months or so, pull it out and take another look at the answers you gave.

Then ask yourself if anything has changed for the better or for the worse.

If you want to consider making some changes, then read on….

If you think you want to explore a little about making some changes then download the full book “Thru Your Own Eyes” and read the second part of the book titled “making Changes” This book was written by Robb with the help of about a dozen teens that had each their own issues about drugs. If you want to know who they are, then watch the film REWIND… they are all in it. You can find our more about REWIND on this website under RESOURCES.

Thru Your Own Eyes… is just that… a way to look at where you are at through YOUR eyes, not anyone else’s. It will only take you about an hour to read it. The first half of the book is an opportunity to assess yourself (including the quiz). The second half deals with some ideas on how you might be able to make some changes.

You can download a copy in PDF format for free. If you want to download an Ebook version go to www.purplemoonpublishing.com and you can get a copy for $4. (Ask your parents for the four bucks, I’m sure they will be happy to give it to you).

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